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Τρίτη 10 Ιουλίου 2012

Feynman and general relativity! and uncertainty principle !!

According to Newton, the gravitational effect is instantaneous, that is, if were to move a mass, we would at once feel a new force because of the new position of that mass; by such means we we send signals at infintite speed. Einstein advansed arguments wich suggest that we cannot send signal faster than the speed of light. By correcting the law of gravity to take the delay into account, we have a new law, called Einstein's law of gravity.....

For consistensy in our physical theories we have to see if Einstein's law of gravity can be further modified to be consistenty with the uncertainty principle. This last modification has not yet been completed. ( Feynman Lectures I, 7-11)

It might seem all right  to consider gravity to be pseudoforce.....Suppose that we all lived in two dimensions and knew nothing of third. Suppose that we shoot an object along the ground, with no forges on it. Where will it go?..... ( Feynman Lectures I, 12-11)

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