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Synchronization of chaos

Synchronization of chaos is a phenomenon that may occur when two, or more, dissipative chaotic systems are coupled. Because of the exponential divergence of the nearby trajectories of chaotic system, having two chaotic systems evolving in synchrony might appear surprising. However, synchronization of coupled or driven chaotic oscillators is a phenomenon well established experimentally and reasonably well understood theoretically. Synchronization of chaos is a rich phenomenon and a multi-disciplinary discipline with broad range applications [1][2]. Synchronization may present a variety of forms depending on the nature of the interacting systems and of the coupling scheme.

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προσαρμοζονται στη συχνοτητα του αλλου και σιγα σιγα το ενα παιρνει τη συχνοτητα του αλλου κατι τετοιο

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Equations for x-axe
Equations for y-axe
Equation of motion y-x
Total time of flight
Total velocity

Projectile motion on a planet

A projectile is launched horizontally from a cliff on a planet in a distant solar system. The graph
below plots the horizontal (x) and vertical (y) positions of the projectile every 0.5 seconds.

(a) Determine the initial velocity with which the projectile was launched.

b) How can you tell from the plotted data that the planet’s atmosphere had no significant effect
on the motion of the projectile?

(c) Calculate the value of the acceleration.

(d) Draw vectors to represent the horizontal and vertical components
of the velocity at the point F.

(e) Determine the vertical component and the total value of the  velocity of the projectile at the point F.

f) What will happen if the atmosphere had significant effect on the motion?

(g) Another projectile is fired at half the speed of the first one. On the graph , plot the
positions of this projectile for time intervals of 0.5 s.