Physics keeps life going-物理 依据 生命

Κυριακή, 16 Αυγούστου 2009


The demystification of science and rationalism as a strategic in Society.
George Kontokostas, postgraduate physict, University of Athens,

Full democratization of the education will aim to quality and the science will serve for security, stability so this way modern society will be designed. Anything considered as invalidating a comprehensive system of thought in the minds of people will contribute to the liberation of humanity. Any ideology that makes man challenge inherited beliefs is an aid to enlightenment. Science is rigid, it has ceased to be a tool for change and liberation.

The separation between state and science promotes knowledge and society. Education without the stifling dominance of science, leads to free development of students. The purpose of education is to introduce young people to lead their own lives, in society and evolve in the natural world surrounding society.

Material – MethodsWe need to strengthen the minds of young people against any easy acceptance of all views. To be able to be conflicting and it proposes that incompetent and not spend their lives working in the unique view. Strengthening the imagination and the actual spirit of opposition by learning many languages. In the past every adult was a teacher. Now only the educational system recognizes the right to learn and destroy early youth. The suggestions for the new education will come from friends and not from a distance with wiseacre thinkers’ thoughts.
- Developing a new practice of education and teaching method will protect the future of European society and citizens of all ideologies, including science.
-The demystification of science and rationalism as a strategic in Society. -The social organization of education can provide answers to contemporary questions that go beyond the traditional divisions of theoretical disciplines.


To be humble and to reach those who we are supposed to benefit with our ideas. We must live the life we want to change. The knowledge derives from participation.

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