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Κυριακή 14 Ιουνίου 2015

Neutralino: the protagonist of the universe -------Dark Matter

We are not at the center of the Universe, we are not even made of the same material the universe is made of.

Dimitris Nanopoulos


The earth neither  is  the center  of the Universe, nor protons and electrons are the basic elements of it. Everything we see belongs to the 5% of the universe!!!! 

In particle physics, the neutralino is a hypothetical particle predicted by supersymmetry.

Dimitri Nanopoulos is one of the principal developers of the flipped SU(5) model, first proposed by Stephen M. Barr in a paper published in 1982.[2]

The Feynman Diagrams helped us to predict the consistence of the Universe. Nice and cute idea for teaching the Feynman diagrams is written by Kontokostas-Kalkanis :  Teaching Electron--Positron--Photon Interactions with Hands-on Feynman Diagrams

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