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Τρίτη, 26 Ιουνίου 2012

Τhought experiment about the universe

Εxercise imagination:

If the speed of the light was 50 Km/h, how the universe would be?
Imagine that  thunder could travel faster than  lightining!!!

A student from Nepal commented:

Tatsuya:my answer is that if that would happen then maybe life would no exist ... haha if that happens then maybe the world would be diffrent it would also change manythings .. then sound also would be faster then light even we could be more faster then light we would get old soon or maybe the world would meet the end soon .. in my opinion that is my answer wat about you sir what do you think would happen?
Accelerating Education:  ha ha your opinion is very clever!!

Tatsuya: its not so clever ,, but i am sure that this world wont exist because almost everything will change due to the low speed of light.

Accelerating Education:yes!! the speed of light is a constant for the universe. it is unchanged.

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